Welcome to Gilman Community Education - maintaining the link; school, family, community

When the weather is inclement, walk the halls of Gilman school. Weekdays, when school is in session, 7 to 7:45 am. Route will be clearly marked. Buzz at door #1 to enter. Please wear tennis shoes.  No walkers allowed in school building during summer.  Fitness center is open!

YOGA -- Because of the mask mandates, we will resume yoga class when it safe to do so.

Tech classes will be held in the business ed lab, room #131, from 3:30 to 4:30pm & taught by Adam Johnson.  Cost is $10 per class payable to instructor.  Everyone must pre-register with Community Ed 3 days prior to class date!


Community Ed office hours are: Tuesday & Thursday, 9am to noon but you may leave a message at any time To register for any class, call Gail at 447-8211 ext 270 OR email: communityed@gilman.k12.wi.us , at least one week prior to the class date.