Welcome to Gilman Community Education - maintaining the link; school, family, community

When the weather is inclement, walk the halls of Gilman school. Weekdays, when school is in session, 7 to 7:45 am. Route will be clearly marked. Buzz at door #1 to enter. Please wear tennis shoes.

Community Ed office hours are: Tuesday & Thursday, 9am to noon but you may leave a message at any time

To register for any class, call Gail at 447-8211 ext271, email: communityed@gilman.k12.wi.us or send payment to Community Ed, 325 n. 5th ave, Gilman, WI 54433, at least one week prior to the class date.

BARN QUILTS --Don't sew but love quilts?  Paint a 2'x2' wooden square "barn quilt" to hang on an outside building!  WHEN:  3 weeks to make one "quilt", April 9, 16, 23 at 6pm  WHERE: High school art room  COST:  $15 payable at 1st class.  You will draw your pattern on a primed board & tape off sections for painting.  Decide on a pattern (keep it simple, no curves) before class & keep to 3 or less colors.  I have black, white, orange, gold, yellow & several shades of red available; if you want to pick up your own colors, any acrylic will do (I use Apple Barrel or Ceramcoat).  Bring a blow dryer with you to dry paint between applications. Register with Community Ed by April 2.

GILMAN COMMUNITY GARAGE SALES --  MAY 11 & 12   Contact Gail at         447-5734 to be put on the map of sales one week prior to the sales

Hudson Community Ed is taking a 2 day trip to Door County on June 7-10.  They will do pick-ups on hwy 29.  If interested, go online to Hudson school Community Ed for all the info!

The ''Readers are Leaders" program is looking for responsible, caring adults to spend some time, 15 to 20 minutes per week, reading with a child in the Gilman school. The target age group is Pre-K thru 2nd grade because early reading skills are vital.

In younger children, it may be reading to them about something they are interested in or helping the older ones learning to expand on their new found reading abilities.

The ultimate goal is to make reading enjoyable because the more children read, the better they will become at it! Any adult interested in the program can call: Gail at 447-8211 ext 271 or email: communityed@gilman.k12.wi.us